volunteering with kids

So you wanna hang out with kids, huh? We are so excited to have you join our iKids team of volunteers. But we have a few important steps first. We want to “plug you in” quickly and efficiently while maintaining the safety and security of our kids at the same time.

To work directly with our kids (Sunday school teacher, iConnect leader, retreat chaperone, kids worship helper, special needs room, etc) you must:  

1. Fill out the Volunteer “Plug-in” form  

2. Complete a background check form  

3. Watch the “MUST SEE” safe sanctuary video (32 min) within the first 4 weeks of volunteering. (The optional videos are not required but suggested and recommended.) Click here for the "MUST SEE" video. 

-Here is an optional video

-Here is another

-Here is one more!

4. A chit chat with the iKids Director to find the best place to plug you in to serve.

To volunteer with iKids in a kid-free manor (let’s be honest – you wanna serve but maybe not hands-on with the kiddos) is very important as well.

These needs involve: bringing snacks on a monthly basis, check-in/check-out desk, parent greeter, week-day classroom organizer/prep, etc. You must:  

1. Fill out volunteer “Plug-in” form  

2. A chit chat with iKids Director to get you on the monthly serve schedule.