2022 Sunday School Classes, Small Groups & Activity Groups


First Corinthians:  Living Love When You Disagree

New six week study begins on Wednesday, Feb. 2 @ 10:30 AM


Starting Point: A Conversation About Faith

New eight week study begins on Wednesday, Jan. 26 @ 6:00 PM



Women at the Well Class | Room L14

A caring, fun, small group of women of all states, married, widowed, divorced or single. Contact: Peggy Knight, at

Francis Asbury | L16

Various members lead lessons each week on a variety of topics, from Bible Studies to books by noted Christian authors. This class in one big, virtual extended family. Couples and singles ages 30's-70's. 

Contact: Jo Glymph,

Genesis Class | Room 213

This is a mission-minded, diverse group of seekers. Members are involved in ministries such as Saintly Stitchers, Macon Outreach, Food Pantry, and Meals on Wheels. Couples & singles ages: mature adults. Contact: Jackie McCann,

Good News | Room L12

This group enjoys learning more about applying the Word of God to their daily lives. They enjoy serving God through providing breakfast to the homeless and other ministries. They have frequent social events and care for one another. Couples and singles ages 30's-60's. 

Contact: Krista Wieters,

Connections | Room L11

The class centers around connecting together on a weekly basis outside of Sunday school through encouraging text, sharing meaningful life lessons and laughing a lot. With a wide variety of ages, life experiences, varying stages of biblical knowledge - this class centers in on our common connection - Jesus Christ.  Contact: Elizabeth Hammock,

John Wesley | Room 215

This class offers a new, contemporary view of applying the scriptures to your life. Couples and singles ages 30+. Contact: Bernard Meyer Von Bremen,

Koinonia Class | Room 210

Class lessons focus on various books of the Bible for two-to-three month studies. Supports several local missions' organizations. Couples and singles ages 40-70's. Contact: Diane Mize, or Bruce Gerwig,

Nan Freeman | Room 216

An extremely warm, caring and loving group of people interested in each other's spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Couples and singles ages 39 and holding. Contact :Pete McKinney,

Homebuilders | L17

This class is made up primarily of parents at different stages in the parenting cycle. While some have grown children and others are still in the home (and some are both), one thing remains true, building a Godly home is critical in understanding and growing in the love and knowledge of Christ. 

Contact: Smokey Sutherland,

Sonshine Class | Room L10

A smaller class that welcomes families and individuals with special needs. The Sonshine classroom is open on Sunday mornings from 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, staffed by trained professionals. Special Needs Age 18+. 

Contact: Sunnee Glenn,


Tuesday Morning Prayer | Tuesdays 9:00 - 9:30 AM

Meets in the Sanctuary. Contact: Jane Canady,

Wednesday Morning Women's Study | Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:30 AM

Meets in the upstairs gathering area. Geared towards moms with young children. Contact: Elizabeth Hammock,

Wednesday Evening Ladies Study | Wednesdays 5:30

Meets in the library. Childcare available upon reservation.

Contact: Denna Ochs,

"ROMEOS" Men's Group | Tuesday mornings, 8:00 AM

Meets in Room 210 | Contact: Ken Quattlebaum,

God is Greater | 3rd Saturday of Every Month 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Contact: Jane Canady, 478-952-2310


A.I.M. (Adults in Motion) | Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Meets in the Commons. Designed for all fitness levels.

$5 per class. Free to Silver Sneakers members. 

Contact: Kathy Griffin,

Pickleball | Games Throughout the Week

Stay active and make new friends!

Contact: Nancy Finney,

Still not sure which group is right for you? 

We would love to help you find your spot at Martha Bowman. 

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